“But my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him……” (Numbers 14:24)

Depending on the dimension you look at today’s topic, the interpretation will produce multi-dimensional outcomes. The character in the quoted verse of the Bible – Caleb was among the outstanding spies that were sent to do a reconnaissance work for the entire nation of Israel before their take-over of Canaan land. Caleb and Joshua distinguished themselves from the rest ten. All the twelve saw the same thing with proof, but two (Joshua and Caleb) interpreted what they saw differently from the other ten.

I will share with you couple of variables that helped the duo:

-The personality of the One behind their mission (Psalm 46:1-2).
-They (as it were then) did a bit of trend analysis to determine consistency of His faithfulness and discovered that He has been faithful to His promises (Heb 13:8). Prior to the time Moses sent them on an errand, they were part of the people that saw all the 10 plagues that came on Egypt, they experienced “exodus” and saw the drowning of Pharaoh, his horses and soldiers in the Red Sea; the miracle of provision of manna and water in the wilderness etc; so they concluded that He will give them the promised land in spite of all odds.
-Leveraging on the understanding of eternal covenant relationship with their fore-father (Abraham).

In this New Year, God is demanding from you to exercise a new spirit in your approach to issues in life. Even though you might have tried things severally before with no positive results. Remember that He promised to do new thing (Isaiah 43:19-21). It is display of wisdom to borrow ideas from successful people in order to be ranked among the successful ones; therefore prayerfully follow the steps taken by Caleb and all shall end in praise in Jesus name.