“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes…..” (Revelation 21:4).
One day, all that is wrong and broken in our world will be put right. Injustices, unsolved murders, all manner of evil, rip-offs and callous behaviours will be judged by the righteous God. The evil secret of men who reject redemption through Christ shall be exposed and judged. One day, every tear will be forever wiped away (Rev 21:4). One day, the rule of God will be perfected in His world. One day, our taste of heaven will cease to be just a taste.
That day is not yet, but that day is coming (Titus 2:13). This doesn’t mean we sit back in misery, clenching our teeth while putting up with pain and hardship. We must make the most of who and where we are while recognising this is not the whole story.
A writer in the Catholic tradition, puts it well. “On your way to your eternal home, enjoy the journey. Let your happiness be double in the joyful possession of what you have and in the eager anticipation of what will be. Say a resounding ‘yes’ to life, and to love at all times.
Some day you will come up into my mountain and then for you all the clocks and calendars will have finished their counting. Together with all my children, you will be mine and I will be yours forever.”(J. Powell. 1976). Oh come Lord Jesus.