“And when ye stand praying, forgive….…..” (Mark 11:25)
We are in the technological age wherein practically all things are digitalised and you are required to personalise your data and other information with coded identifier(s). With the synchronisation of financial services globally, hardly can you transact any business without using personal identification number (PIN). Sometimes you forget or misquote this number and you end up been denied access to your legitimate information and assets.
As it is in the secular, so it is in the spiritual realm. The issue of forgiving others is imperative if someone wants to enjoy divine forgiveness too. There’s no denying the truth that we have all manner of people around us who are interested in making you angry and upset with the ultimate aim of losing your sanity (just like the relationship between Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness in Num 20:3-5), but when you remember its dangerous consequences (break in relationship with God, exposure to devil’s attacks, emptiness etc), then you will charge all the messes dumped on you into God’s account and move on.
Denial of access at critical moments can be frustrating, but the joy of it is that your PIN can be reset/reconfigured to permit access again. There are certain hurts that require great grace before they can be erased from the CPU of a man, but assuredly there’s no hurt that cannot be forgiven. Remember that God is prepared to forgive you much if you’re ready to reciprocate same to your neighbours (Matthew 18:28-35). Therefore, let spouses forgive one another; likewise let forgiveness occur between parents and children having differences; Pastors, General Superintendent, Ministers and workers must be prepared to smoothen their relationships so as to enjoy access to heavenly helps. You shall not be denied access on your day of need in Jesus name.