“Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down…… (Matt 7:19)

Jesus (the husbandman) and His disciples were on their way to Jerusalem from Bethany and needed to be ministered to physically and behold, a near bye fig tree expected to be carrying fruits was found with so much leaves with no fruit on it. The tree had taken so much nutrients from the ground, only to produce leaves. It failed to fulfil its basic purpose of bearing fruits.

In our world today Jesus is still hungry for fruit; not from fig trees but for fruits of right living (Phil 1:11) and that of lost souls (John 15:16).

Just as the story in Mark 11:12-14, it is disheartening that rather than Jesus finding fruits in the lives of many of His children today, they are merely full of leaves. The spirit of Laodicea has taken over many lives today (Rev 3:17-18). Money and material things have crowded our hearts to the exclusion of spiritual substance. Position, fame, titles and material things now call the shots in the sanctuary of God.

We are living big but the fruits that the Master desires are lacking. We dress in big attires, live large and have made a niche for ourselves in company of the who-is-who in high society, all with little or nothing at all in the area of influencing lives for Jesus.

The time to repent is now and like the Laodicean church, consider getting the true riches of Christ. Do not wait for the experience of the verdict on a fruitless tree, for it is devastating (Lk 13:6-9).