“…rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place and there prayed” (Mk 1:35)

There is primarily two parties to a love game and both always want to be alone together for considerable length of time with no disturbance from outside world even though they find themselves in the midst of a crowd. At such moment of being together, they discuss wide range of issues and most often, all requests will receive immediate consents. Long after their time together, they still relish on the affections, words of assurance and gifts shared together.
The Almighty God is a family man who loves fellowshipping with His lovers – the born again Christians (Gen 3:8). Unfortunately the devil blurs our understanding of who we are in God’s agenda (Heb 2: 6-7) with an intention to make us distance ourselves from Him and denying us of our legitimate blessings. As your Father, He points and directs your paths in the right direction and your successes in life most often will be at “first attempts”.
These days, it’s challenging to keep away from friends, colleagues and pleasures of this world just to spend quality time with God in praise, prayers and studying of the Bible; but when you weigh the results from both sides, even common sense will prevail that the latter pays. Couple of people that have benefited from staying alone with God include: Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Elijah, Jesus Christ, the twelve disciples (Gen 18:17; Exodus 34:30; Gen 32:24-32; I Kings 19:11-13; Mk 1:35-37) and they received outstanding measures of God’s presence and power in their lives and ministries.
When you come out of His presence, “men will seek for you” (Mk 1:37), all manner of sicknesses and issues of life will submit to the Lordship of Christ through you (Matt 9:35), you will be a means of providing solution to problems of nations and generations and Christ’s name shall be glorified (John 14:13).
Amazingly, the more you desire Him, the nearer and closer He comes to you until you be the epitome of His person in this world.