“God has spoken once, twice I have heard this, that power belongs to God” (Psalm 62:11)

“And God said” was severally repeated in Genesis 1:1-26 (ESV) with a purpose. The Almighty God is not a talkative and He’s not known for aimless speech making; rather His Word is His bill backed up with strength to pay when presented for redemption. “And God said” does not connote a plea, persuasion or encouragement but a command. The fact that He is the Alpha and Omega, a self-made Creator and the Omniscient One confers on Him the commanding ability.

God through the power of His Word commanded LIGHT to come into existence and it shoot out instantly to dispel darkness and other associated disorderliness. All manner of strange things happen under the cover of darkness but immediately there is illumination, pests (natural and supernatural) run for cover because their works are evil. Therefore, every work of darkness in your life shall be dispelled by God’s light in Jesus name.

God made HEAVEN, a place of His abode. Heaven is a place of rest and final destination of saints. It is a place void of anguish, pain and fear. It is a sinless environment with no time or weather zone. He made such a place for everyone to aspire for a place of final rest and eternal rewards of good job done while on earth (Matt 25:21). As you wrap up your sojourn on earth, you shall inherit heaven ultimately in Jesus name.

And God made the LAND with the sole aim of creating a space to live for all His creature. Our God is a loving Father who cares about every detail of your life. Therefore, as from today, the land you are standing on shall no longer fight against you but you shall expand to the right, left and centre to possess it in Jesus name.

He made the VEGETATION by the power of His Word to provide for all your daily need. Originally, it was not in the plan of God for any man to lack anything good; rather for man to live in abundance. But sin came in and distorted this initial plan; however thanks be to God through Jesus Christ who restored the original plan. It’s a wise decision to follow the JEHOVAH JIREH. If you’re still indecisive on this matter, I encourage you to come to Him today and your eternal provision will be guaranteed (I Kings 17:8-16)

God commanded the MOON & the SUN to come forth for signs and seasons, for days and years. In essence, to assist human beings and every other creature in numbering our days so as to put our hearts to position of wisdom. I pray that every perverted work of the moon and sun over your destiny shall be destroyed in Jesus name.

Through the spoken Word of God, all LIVING CREATURE excluding man came into existence. We observe here again that God will never send a man on an errand without making adequate provision for the assignment. He (God) created comfortable habitat for living creatures for the purpose of increase.

Finally God said: “let us make MAN in our image. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image. When you look at the mirror, you’re seeing the image of God in you. Do not encourage the lies of the devil in your brain that you are not “good” enough. Whose report will you believe – God’s or the devil? God made you, not man. God is not associated with errors or mistakes. He made you for a divine purpose – Genesis 1:26