…Repent and be baptized, every one of you (Acts 2:38).

Time is a measure of events. Most often we either use the calendar or clock to graduate the duration an action will be completed or a decision is made. Everyone is given twelve months in a year and twenty-four hours in a day to exercise all forms of activities. While very few maximise the given time, unfortunately vast majority fritter it away. Some even deceive themselves by saying they are cheating on it.

The second day a baby is born, he is referred to as “a day old “baby; and not a new born baby. His life clock has started tinkling and will stop for that individual, the moment he stops breathing.

While you engage in various activities (both good and questionable ones), the hand of your clock never stops; and gradually, you are edging towards the end of life.

A rationale man is expected to consider what the end of his life will look like and make some concrete decisions based on what has been tried, tested and found to be true. Apostle Peter warned people of his own generation to turn away from their wicked ways (repent) and be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38; Heb 9:22). Repentance from all forms of sin is non-negotiable with God, hence its relevance for this generation also.

You may be an ardent Church-goer but yet to register your name in the Book of God; and you may be a moralist, a philanthropist or even a Priest in the temple like Nicodemus but with no genuine contact with the Life-Saver (Jesus Christ). When the wind blows and the tempest rage, who will you call unto to save you?

Jesus said: “I am the way and the truth and the life……..” (John 14:6). Make the right choice today by crossing to His side. There is no regret in doing so. Remember you are not getting younger, each day that passes you are a step closer to eternity.