“And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud…”(Exodus 13:21)

The wilderness is a place where growth is challenging if not impossible, water is scarce and you plod on when there is no end in sight. You can have this experience anywhere – in the ministry, career/profession, at a graveside or even in a relationship. While in it:

-One is tempted to believe there is no way out. You assume every opportunity has been exhausted. Biblically the number 40 represents struggle. Moses spent forty years in Midian before he got his ministry back, Noah was in a boat protected for forty days when the first earth was destroyed with water by God, and Jesus was tempted after forty days of fasting in the wilderness. In all the cited examples, all the characters landed safely at their shores.

-You begin to think the worst. Wilderness experience can sincerely weaken your resolve. You start to look for cheap, easy way out. A challenging marriage can make you look and think the wrong way at somebody else’s wife or husband and such thought becomes the breeding ground for cheating and feeding of the mind with illicit materials.

When you find yourself in this experience, remember that Jesus Christ (our perfect example) was once there. He cried to the Father and He was strengthened by the angel (Lk 22:43).
God’s word is the only assured weapon and wilderness survival-guide. Jesus used it and he was victorious against Satan. He emerged out of His temptation strong to do mighty miracles. God can repeat same in your life. Therefore, do not give up in your wilderness experience moment, for it will soon be over.