‘We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed……. (II Cor 4:8).

At every decision making point, we are open to pressure either internally of from outside with the motive to influence such decision. Apostle Paul was a perfect example for all believers that the fact that you are born-again does not exonerate you from these pressures. However you are empowered to overcome them through the Spirit of God living in the inside of you.

Having made the above emphatic statement; do you realise that a measure of pressure is equally necessary to release our faith? How much of this, is only known by the Almighty God. He allows us to reach points where:
-We have used up our own resources
-Tired of Satan stealing what God says is ours.
-People’s opinions no longer control us.

In I Samuel 1:10, Hannah found herself in that position when the opinions of the Church elder and other men did not bother her; as all she needed was to unburden herself before God. Likewise, when you are desperate, you are not overly concerned about blowing the minds of religious onlookers, your only concern is reaching out to the source of help.

Beloved, remember that there is no hopeless situation, but people who’ve grown hopeless about them (Luke 1:37; John 11:38-43). Real faith comes to fore when push collides with shove. You may likely reject the offer of God parting your Red sea when there are bridges around; but when there’s nothing to do to avoid the inevitable then you start to exercise your trust in God to do the impossible. Therefore do you know that the problem you’re encountering today could be a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to experience a greater degree of His power at work in your life?