“Neither could any man tame him …” (Mark 5: 4 – 5)

A rationale human being wants to be in control of his environment. The man in the story in the book of Mark chapter 5 lost control of himself, but was been tamed by others. The Bible says this man ‘had often been put in chains’. When it’s an issue of control, whatever the flesh wants, it gets! For example, have you ever been so convicted about a particular sin or habit that you promised God, “never again?” But a week later you ended up doing same or worse thing?

Once you start breaking promises to God, it’s easy to do same to yourself and others. Most often we are quick to ostracize and condemn drug addicts, repeat offenders but fail to realize that when we break God’s promises repeatedly and with impunity, we are in the same category as those we are stereotyping. When you are in the flesh, you feel you can get away with anything. You think because you’re so smart, nobody knows the fantasies you entertain.

What you fail to realize is that by violating the boundaries God put in place for your protection, you are bruising yourself and puncturing your future. It is not just a question of being tempted, the Bible says God won’t ‘let you be pushed past your limit’ (I Cor 10:13). It’s a question of God being able to trust you to impose restraints on your own behavior.

The question then is: “is there an out-of-control area in your life? An infatuation? A terrible, shameful habit? If you ask God to help you say no to your flesh and to exercise restraint through the power of His Spirit, He will do it! .God wants you to look to Him and know that in your darkest moment, you don’t have to be afraid and what you have going for you is much greater than anything that comes against you. Arise and boldly say: ‘my help comes from the Lord’ (Psalm 121:2) and start taking charge.