‘He that hath clean hands and a pure heart…..’ (Psalm 24:4).

A transparent object allows light to pass through it, and it’s always crystal clear (i.e. void of impurities). Because the Almighty God is clean and immaculately pure, forming a partnership with Him requires one to have this nature. This requirement may likely be avoided if there is an alternative to help needed by human beings. King David understood the significance of help from above when he sang the famous song in Psalm 121:1-8.

We are living in a confused and polluted world and as expected, the Church is a mixture of saints and carnal brethren. Transparency, honesty and truth is a very scarce commodity today. Everyone is cautious, and afraid to expose his challenges to the other and the devil is using this to torment people by allowing them to die in silence even though help is very near them.

Why walk deceitfully with your brother if truly you were born of the same Spirit? There is no gain from a life of cunningness, neither any profit from a labour without God’s presence. Remember the story of Jacob. Don’t try to help God by cutting corners; rather make up your mind to relate with Him with a clean hand and a pure heart and He will promote you at His own time (Joseph’s story is a perfect example).

How transparent are you with your spouse and household? What about your dealings in that business with the government? Remember that if your righteousness does not surpass that of the Pharisees, you have no heavenly gain (Matthew 5:20). However, attaining the level of transparency with God will demand that one have a ready heart to accept God’s verdict as written in the Bible with a heart yearning after Him (Psalm 42:1).

Everybody loves to use a transparent cup to drink compared to one that is opaque. God much more is interested in using an honest vessel to carry His unction and grace around the world. Call on God today to help your resolve in walking holily and justly before Him (Micah 6:8).