“Then Isaac sowed in that land, and reaped in the same year a hundredfold” (Genesis 26:12)

Everybody is looking for ways of making more wealth to address our ever-increasing and insatiable appetite for more stuffs. The search has taken many gullible souls to the land of regret while some sadly have gone to the grave. Surprisingly, God severally has given to us the key to financial breakthrough but we scorn His tips and pursue wealth making in fluid ways.

-A child of God must identify a profitable, God designated “land” to sow as well as the acceptable season before he can obtain bountiful harvest (Gen 26:12).

-A wise farmer don’t eat all his harvest; rather he embarks on saving the best for the new season and unpredictable seasonal change. Do not squander your reserves (Prov 21:20). It’s important to live within your means and stop maxing out your credit cards because of ostentatious stuffs that advertisers are peddling. Because your banker approves the loan doesn’t mean it’s a wise decision; ask yourself if God approves the expenditure in the first instance. The counsel is: live by the Joseph’s principle (Gen 41:35-36).

-Don’t let the spiritual novices kill you, please learn to sow in time of famine – that is God’s way! Mighty miracle of provisions occur during “tight seasons” (Manna in the wilderness, provision for the Zarephath’s widow, debt payment of the wife of the prophet, the feeding of the 5,000 by Jesus Christ are few examples for your encouragement). Give God a seed to work with and surely you’ll have a harvest when you need it. Remember that God’s ability to provide is not a function of the world’s economy.

It is the Lord that blessed Isaac because he obeyed. I believe it’s unfair to disobey God and expect His abundant blessing. So when God tells you to give, be prompt to give in faith, been confident that at the right time, in the right way, and in exactly the right places, you will be abundantly rewarded.