“….…..and she brake the box, and poured it on his head” (Mark 14:3)
While Jesus was in the house of Simon the leper to eat, there came a woman (a socialite and wealthy individual) with the most expensive perfume to pour on the Master’s feet. Note that the feet is the most unlikely part of the body to enjoy spray of perfume; all the same, that was the choice area to anoint Jesus (Isaiah 52:7). Up until the breaking of the flask, the precious aroma of the perfume was concealed in the flask. No one knew how expensive it was talk-less of appreciating its enticing and magnetising capacity.
One can assume that: until you let it go, you may not break forth and breakthrough in all areas of life. Amazingly, we want God to do something new for us while we keep doing the same old thing. We desire Him to smile at us, change our situations without having to change us at all. It’s been said that: something must happen before something will happen; therefore, if we’re pleading with God for “new wine, we will need a new wineskin”.
New upper level experience demands new level of mentality because change is a two-sided coin that reads – out with the old, and in with the new! There are some old ways of doing things that will demand amendments so as to move forward in life. What got you to where you are, may not necessarily get you to your next upper level. Let go of the addiction to vile things so that your inner beauty may be a blessing to your generation (II Cor 4:7).
It is time to overcome that timidity so as to display God’s treasure hidden and embedded in you. It will be a mistake to return to heaven with your truck-load of anointing without using them on earth; otherwise you may be in the group of the wasters. Quit ye like men, for you have very brief moment left – break the flask and let your good fragrance be a blessing to your generation!
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