“But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay…” (Isa 64:8).

While growing up as little children everyone have dropped and broken plates, cups and ceramics. Some because they are regular culprits have earned the reputation as “the breaker” because they broke everything that is breakable.

What do you think of a beautiful girl, who broke the most cherished silver jubilee wedding anniversary gift of her parents? She ran to her room with the door slammed and waiting for the next movement in the house. It wasn’t long when Mum called and said: “what happened?”

She was faced with two options: either to lie and try to get out of it or just tell the truth. She decided to take the latter and said: ‘I dropped the gift while admiring it and it’s now in thousand pieces’. Her Mum looked at her and said: It’s okay. I think I can fix it.

Brethren, we all drop things in life, we mess up; things do happen beyond our controls but God can fix it. Even when we are victims of things that we are not necessarily responsible for, God who is the potter, can still remould us into shape.

In Jeremiah 18, God asked the prophet to go to the potter’s house as there is a message for him. The only business in a potter’s house is making of vessels where all forms of imperfections are worked upon to remake them.

It does not matter if we make bad things happen or if bad things happen to us, as we turn it unto Jesus, he’s got the capacity to remake us gain. So when we ‘drop the ball’ in life or when life drops us, God can still fix us up.