“Seeth thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings……” (Prov 22:29)

Simply put, change means improvement or enhancement. We are in a dynamic world that requires the stakeholders (human being inclusive) to be opened to change. Change will always challenge methods, ideas and reasoning. It’s been said that “change” is the magic wand to improved image and subsequent enlargement. This philosophy is true at all levels. While exposure to modern technologies and education advancement is non-negotiable in achieving this feat, Biblical wisdom can bring about an “extreme makeover” in a Christian’s life.

Self has similarity with an egg, which is made up of 3 layers – the shell, albumen and yolk. Your actions over time graduates to your character and this makes you who you are. Integrity is a product of forthright lifestyle; and lifestyle is a result of repeated action over a long period of time. The question is: where do you channel your energy to everyday? Are you a product of what you say or a direct opposite (Matthew 7: 16-20)? How do your immediate family members and people around perceive you?

The Church, (and by extension the world) is in need of people that match their words with their deeds as at yesterday. We are busy searching for the few remnants who are clean inside out who will stand up against the evil of our days. Hard working and dynamic people who are prepared to marry their words with their deeds required.

The Y & Z generation can see through our actions and they’re asking: “where is the promise…..” (Lk 1:72-73). Let us call on God to perform an irreversible operation in our hearts that will bring about genuine transformation and not a mechanical, false lifestyle.

Oh that heaven will hear our prayers by unveiling these “few” who are freshly-baked from heaven’s oven! Fire-brand, not hypocrites, not position seekers with no accompanying power, but people who are sold out for the truth. Vacancy!, vacancy!!, vacancy!!! .Our world is craving for hard working Christians who are mighty in God’s word, backed up with the power of the Holy Spirit and cunning in the use of modern technologies for the advancement of God’s kingdom. We need you HOLY SPIRIT!