“ … they made known abroad the saying…concerning the child”. Luke 2:17

Christmas season is a time full of gatherings of loved ones, parades, parties and sharing of presents and most often, we are tempted to lose sight of its real essence. The purpose of Jesus’ birth and its relevance to human eternal bliss can be completely blanketed with such euphoria.

From the above Bible quote, 3 personalities deserve close attention:

The shepherds. Sheep-herders had so little, insignificant status in the first-century Israel that they weren’t even regarded as reliable enough to give evidence in court. But the Almighty chose them to announce the arrival of His son, and they in turn went out telling the entire world. Probably this action answers your query – could God use someone like me? Beloved, you don’t need to be a saint, speak Queen English or be a seminary graduate. Just tell the world what you have seen and heard, and the change Christ has made in your life. God will do the rest.

Those who heard their story. Luke 2:18 says: ‘all who heard it were amazed.’ Do you know that up till today, God’s grace still amazes people?’ He still reconciles worse sinners unto Himself (II Cor 5:20). He still cancels sin-debt, balances books, so you can have a good and robust relationship with God Almighty.

Mary. Luke 2:19 says: ‘But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.’ She was bewildered by the scenes around her and wanted to understand why her?

At a time like this, take time to appreciate what is important with this Christmas celebration and what it means for you.