Cleaning Up.

“Sanctify them through thy truth; thy word is truth” (John 17:17)

The Christian journey does not end with salvation, but it’s a progressive one until we get closer to the Father. When an individual surrenders his life to Christ, the experience does not immediately shield you from attraction to sin. It only (among many others) changed your identity and deposits a small measure of God’s Spirit in you who help you to make right choices and decisions in life.

Similar to the process of computer clean up when it’s full of unwanted materials, every Christian needs his heart to be purged from unwanted, filthy and ungodly thoughts and acts. These evils will not automatically disappear during salvation experience; but will require a constant renewal of mind through the RHEMA (the Word of God).

It is the power of the Word (like detergent) that purges and removes several layers of misconducts in the heart of a man. Sanctification is a continuous Christian process and it’s made easy when quality time is spent in meditating in the WORD that systematically dislodge the DNA of sin in a man’s life (John 17:17).

Therefore, after Salvation through the name of Jesus Christ, you need to commit to studying and meditating on His Word. Agree with God that services and works cannot substitute for removal of your sinful nature, but His Word can. Make deliberate attempt on daily basis to say “good bye” to them as His Word shines light on them.

Provisions have been made for you to live a life that’s free of struggle with sin. Why should you short-change yourself of God’s grace?