‘Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down…… ’ (II Cor 7:6).

Unfortunately no man can negotiate his way out of challenges in life. It seems to me as if it’s embedded in a man’s journey in life. Even the great Apostle Paul experienced discouragement, stress, restlessness and fears. Listen to one of his comments in this direction: ‘when we arrived at Macedonia there was no rest for us. Outside there was conflict from every direction, and inside there was fear. But God, who encourages those who are discouraged, encouraged us by the arrival of Titus….’ (II Cor 7:5-6)

Beloved, where do you turn for strength in your trouble times? It is wisdom to borrow some counsels from those who have experienced it before and learn how they navigate their ways out of trouble. Paul said: ‘nevertheless God that comforts….’. Therefore God can:

-Bring your needed comfort and relieve by His presence. Remember the promise of God to Moses that His presence shall go with him in Exodus 33:14. When He’s with you, you will be strengthened. It’s God’s nature to be with and empower us especially when we are mourning (Matthew 5:4), broken-hearted (Ps 147:3), overwhelmed with all sorts of demands (Ps 145:14), even in worrying times (Isaiah 41:10), or when you are physically afflicted with sickness (Ps 41:3).

-Comfort us by His Word. Hear this: ‘This is my comfort in my affliction: for thy word hath quickened me” (Ps 119:50).His Word can bring hope, calmness and encouragement among many other possibilities.

-Bring the desired comfort through our prayers, no matter how incongruent they may seem to be. The Psalmist declared that God answered and strengthened him through his prayers (Ps 138:3).

-By surrounding us with faithful and godly brethren. Titus acted as an encourager to Paul. I pray that such men shall be made available to you in your moments of trouble in Jesus name.