‘The fear of man brings a snare; but whoso puts his trust in the Lord shall be safe’ (Prov 29:25).

Observing a repeated wrong and keeping mute about it is not helpful either way; especially in the midst of professing Christians. The erring individual needs to be approached in love with the intention to correcting the attitude. The caveat in this exercise is that: you must make sure that you’re also not indicted in the same error (Luke 6:42). Many people are afraid to speak up because of fear, and in case they encounter disapproval and end up with reprisal attacks.
Because of the above reason, people are afraid to speak out even when they are eye-witnesses to naked act of evil; they will rather suck it up. A pleaser-worker will prefer to work long hours without associated rewards, cover for others who don’t pull their weight, and bites his tongue when his boss or colleagues take credit for his work, rather than speak up against these evils.
Same can be said of a pleaser wife/husband, mother/father; as they prefer to condone bad habits under the pretense that things will be straightened up bye and bye because of fear of losing him or her. Fear hangs upon the Church today, especially around the neck of a Shepherd who speaks the truth and constantly correct evil behavior of parishioners. However, the onus rests on every true friend to speak the truth in love, and firmly correct those who have the tendency to err as concerning the faith that was once delivered to the saints (II Tim 4:1 – 3).
The Shepherd should equally examine himself that he is a doer of the Word before attempting to correct others (James 1:22). Correction should be done firmly, and in love so as not to distort the balance of faith of the erring brother/sister, with the ultimate intention of restoring him/her to faith.