‘Do all things without murmurings and disputing.’ (Phil 2:14).

In every sporting competition, only an individual or a team wins at the end of the game. Either in the world cup at Russia 2018, or the “Ashes” as in cricket; whether your team wins or loses, do not grumble or complain. If you have to pay a dollar every time you complained and you got a dollar back every time you showed gratitude, the question is: would you be rich or poor? Or do you think that the Lord has not been good to you therefore you deserve to whinge at Him? I reckon the answer is no. When you consider the following hard truths with me, you will know that He has been good:

-In Australia, average life expectancy is 81 years. Whereas in developing world it is half that.
-It would take $12 billion and $17 billion respectively to provide both drinkable and basic health care globally. However in Australia, we spend way more than that every year shopping in the suburbs!
-21 children die every minute from poverty-related causes in the developing world.

These are unacceptable figures in a world full of injustice. Therefore if you are going to murmur at all, do it on something worth moaning about. Speak out about the level of poverty which destroys life. Make a noise about the West’s indifference to the rest of the planet.

Be thankful for what you’ve got. And a point of reflection is: If somebody gave you a dollar every time you complained and collect one every time you were thankful; would you be loaded or stony broke? Therefore learn to count your blessings and be full of thanks to God for all He has done and those in “KIV” for ultimate manifestation.