DECISION MAKING “…..choose this day whom you will serve….” (Joshua 24:15).
The power of choice making is one of many gifts the Almighty gave to human beings; but can be detrimentally if used outside His will. When God gives a directive for our own good, we can either take or ignore it. Countless number of people in our contemporary world have made amazing contributions to make this world a better place; while other bad choices have ruined many empires, families and destinies.
The Lord counselled Lot and his family to leave the city of Sodom & Gomorrah and escape for their lives. He lingered so long because of his life investments and lost his wife in the episode (Gen 19:12-26). Similarly, many people are neglecting God’s call for free salvation and to such people, the Lord is saying: ‘Remember Lot’s wife’ (Luke 17:42).
Funny enough, God will never force His salvation on any man, for it’s a matter of choice for those who wants to escape the imminent judgement coming on the whole world (John 3:16-18). The good Lord has made abundant provisions available to you; all you need is to make the choice to escape from the destruction that is to be unleashed on this corrupt world and access His carefully protected and coded provisions (2 Peter 1:3-4). Therefore chose Jesus to guarantee life (both here and in eternity). Choose to pattern your life by the Word of God because that is your escape route from destruction and access route to fulfilment in life.