“And when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down….. (Exodus 32:1).
Simply put, delay is a prolonged expectation and it can make a heart to be wearied (Prov 13:12). It’s
my prayer today that: ‘the mercy of God will step into your case to deliver your long-awaited miracle
in Jesus name’.
In Exodus 32:1, Israel as a nation (and by extension human beings) suddenly lost memory of God’s
deliverance from all the plagues they escaped while in Egypt. Not to mention their recent miraculous
crossing of the Red Sea; an encounter that was once in a world event. With the temporary exit of a
mundane leader (Moses), a whole nation stooped low and demanded for a ‘god’ as her leader.
Before you demonise Israel, can you have a reflection on what and who you turn to when there’s a
delay in your life? Is it mere human being such as match-makers many of who are agent of Satan?
Gullibly a lot of Christians have met their marital dooms in their wicked trades. Or you’re a client to
sophisticated and modern day herbalists and demonic therapists? They are government licensed and
proud of their profession as they boast of it openly. Many have signed up with ungodly coaches
(terrible counsellors) who advance alternative message to the TRUTH.
Beloved, when there’s a divine delay, one or mixture of the following may be adduced to such a
pulse in your life:
-To fully prepare you in readiness for the great expected miracle – the ‘whao’ experience’.
-To fine-tune and put finishing touches to our miracles.
-To test your level of patience, endurance and allegiance to the true Owner of the miracle (Gen
-To neutralise every work of opposition before the arrival of the miracle.
-And ultimately to glorify God’s name because He has arranged every event to bring Him honour
(Rom 9:17). Therefore stay the course and don’t leave His presence for your miracle is on the way.