‘By faith Noah…built an ark to save his family… ’ (Hebrews 11:7 NIV).

Life is full of record breakers who can either be positive or negative. Record breakers are also known as difference-makers and this stint can be achieved at various levels. In the story of Noah, we discovered that he made difference in at least three fronts –

-Family level. Through his obedience to God’s instruction by embarking on the building of the boat, he saved his entire family members from destruction. This project took him several years, but he did it. The lesson here for you is that no matter how many years it’ll take to intercede on behalf of your entire household to be saved, never give up. Be dogged, be targeted in your prayers; eventually, they will all come to Christ.

-You can make a difference for generation un-born. Through the obedience of Noah, a new world was started. Equally, God is busy looking and searching for people with whom He can work with, to commence new things that will outlive them. This set of people are those who will be ready to stand out among the crowd. Difference makers are different. They will not be afraid to be pace-setters who will not be afraid of people’s comments and must be ready to endure the rain so as to see the rainbow.

-You can make a difference at any age. Examples abound in the Bible and our contemporary times of people that were not deterred by their age to work for their Master. Moses started his ministry at the age of 80 years, Noah was 500 years old when he started preaching and building the ark, countless numbers graduate from Colleges at old age in this dispensation. It is not about age, but about accomplishment. Therefore stop putting yourself down because of age.

Resolve to do something eternal that will outlive you now because you do not know when all shall be over.