“Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the Lord …” (I Kings 18:37 )

The story was told of a group of Bible College students who went on a tour of D.L Moody’s house; and as they walked through his prayer room, they observed knee-prints on the carpet beside his bed. At departure time, one of them was missing and was traced to the prayer room with his knees bow on the same knee prints of Moody and a prayer cry – LORD, DO IT AGAIN! And his name is Billy Graham.
It seems to me that: God will only bring abundance and impacts when there is a bowing down of knees to His lordship (I Cor 3:6). No matter how healthy a seed planted in a good and fertile soil may be, if it’s denied moisture and sunlight, even if it struggles to bring harvest at all, the yield will be minimal. The sunlight and moisture represent the heavenly inputs (the signature of God) which in this instance can be secured through exposure to sunlight and water.
Prayer is a two way communication with God through the name of Jesus Christ by faith with the expectation of an answer. Publicity shouts and stunts cannot replace prayers neither can human philosophy convert a soul; rather, it’s in the place of wrestling with God that seemingly impossible cases become possible. Catalogue of Bible characters have used this principle to their advantage and our generation is blessed because of abundance of grace embedded in Christ Jesus.
Let’s do more of talking to God than talking and yelling at men. When you bow your knees before the Lord in secret, men from all walk of life will stand up for your God in the public (Mark 1:35-37). There should be genuine compassion for lost souls in our hearts couple with demonstration of true love for the Lord. For God will only cause heaven to be opened to someone who has resolved to see Christ glorified in all (I Peter 4:11). O Lord, send another Elijah to bring your power down…………………