“….and he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day” (Gen 18:1)
Downtime is the moment when the body is winding down and the brain is less-stressed. It’s the time when the body craves for a little bit of “treats” and pleasures (Isa 22:13). While God does not condemn but commend time of merriment, He however has some words of caution on how well to handle such periods (Eccl 3).
Downtime can be hugely productive and at the same expensively dangerous. Abraham profited in making good use of his downtime but wasn’t the case with David. Both of them suddenly saw strangers unexpectedly (Gen 18:2; II Sam 11:2) but had different perceptions. The former (Abraham) saw the fulfilment of his long awaited promise in the appearance of the strangers while the latter (David) saw in Bathsheba a cheap and free opportunity for sexual pleasure.
Since the law of seedtime and harvest cannot be overturned and that harvest is always more than the seed sown; Abraham got his promised child (Isaac) who is a child of covenant and David reaped untold hardship, mutiny and rebellion from his own household; but for the kindness of God towards him, his entire lineage would have been wiped out.
The candid question to you today is: “how do you use your downtime?” You can productively engage it by either ruminating on how you’ve well represented your God at the world stage, how you’ve brought fun and laughter into the life of that vulnerable individual you met, how to accomplish more for His Kingdom (Psalm 42:1), how to make your home/life a romantic and loving place that the entire family look forward to, to retire at the end of the day. There is an alarming growing number of Christians who misuse their downtime for things such as pornography, wrong use of the tongue, perversion of their souls and all manner of deadly activities (Matthew 12:36).
The good news is that you can start making good and profitable use of your downtime now. Make more profit from it by engaging in deep thinking that can edge you above your equals and as well bring eternal gains. Remember, jewels are precious metals and they are not found on the surface; rather mostly you have to dig deep (Deut 29:29); it is in your moment of downtime you receive revelation knowledge, deep secrets that will bring about all manner of deliverances and breakthroughs. Engage your downtime profitably.