“And if your right eye causes you to sin……” (Matthew 5:29)

It’s without doubt that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23); but God through His Son has made a way of escape for all human race (John 1:12). In every contest, there is the winner loser and most often the difference between the two is proper handling of weak points of the opponent.

In the battle between David and Goliath in I Sam 17, Goliath’s weak point that played into David’s hand were over-confidence and utterance of despicable words against the God of Israel (Almighty God). It was too late for the giant to repent as his head was removed from his neck immediately he fell from a single stroke of small stone from David’s catapult (I Sam 17:51). David must have learnt from his experience in the bush that if the giant’s head was not cut off immediately, he may suddenly rise up and result in catastrophic reprisal attack.

Are there dangerous issues in your life that you are “massaging” and “petting” that if not properly handled with the help of the Holy Spirit now, may have devastating result in the future? Results such as shame, loss of integrity, broken trust, scattered life, loss of everything you’ve been working for, or even your ministry life. Don’t ever believe the devil’s lie, his gifts are always associated with sorrows and regrets (John 10:10a).

All through ages, early intervention is the best cure for deadly diseases; otherwise such life ends in regrets. Therefore, do a general checking of your life and in all sincerity, decide to axe those weights and sins that easy beset you. Stop providing excuses why they should be there and hand them over to the Lord. Remember that today’s lion’s cub that behaves like a pet, carries the DNA of a lion; over time, it will grow to a full-blown adult and will one day maul down couple of souls. Therefore deal with it now, before it’s too late to tame.