“….thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church…..” (Matthew 16:18)
It’s unfortunate that we dehumanise inmates of Correctional centres by calling them all manner of names whether they justify their punishments or not; whereas everyone at one stage or the other had engaged in breaking of the law but the saving grace was “you were not caught” or you leveraged on access to good Solicitors. So when next you’re looking down on prison inmates, remember that you’re not different from them, but for His grace (I John 5:17).
This piece is not to justify works of unrighteousness, rather focus on the available grace that can transform once a rejected individual to a celebrated son of the kingdom (Lk 15:11-32). We were conceived in our mothers’ worm with the trait of sin and birthed as sinners to continue the works of the devil (Rom 3:23) but the mercy of God paved way for reconciliation to our original godly nature through the acceptance of His gift found in Jesus Christ (I John 3:8).
Apostle Peter was a “right-hand man” of Jesus Christ but when pressures overwhelmed him from all corners, he disowned his Master. But unlike Judas Iscariot, Peter took a step of repentance whereas Judas didn’t. One of the thieves on the cross with Jesus was nailed to die for his convicted evil deeds (Rom 6:23), but by mere acknowledging Jesus Christ as the “righteous man”, he gained entrance into eternity with Christ. Mary Magdalene was a renowned witch and a socialite, but a single contact with the LIGHT changed her identity and she emerged as one of the female front-runners of the gospel in the New Testament era.
It is important that you do not allow your past misdeeds determine how your future will look like talk less of determining how you will end. It does not matter how you start, what matter is what you do with Jesus after your contact with Him for this will set the pace of how you end the race. Everyone has one mess or the other but the difference is one’s disposition to opportunities presented by Jesus Christ (Matt 11:28-30). Reformatory and Rehab facilities are good but Jesus will not only give you a lifestyle of complete “makeover” but put icing on top of your cake by helping you emerge stronger from your messes.