‘The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in king’s palaces.’ (Proverbs 30:28).

The Almighty God has surrounded human beings with a lot of creatures to take lessons of life from. Among them are conies, locusts, ants and spiders. A Coney resembles rabbit but he cannot run like one and cannot dig deep like rabbit. So he ascends to higher ground and hides himself in rocks and place of strength.
Locusts are grasshoppers-like creature. They could black out light of the sun, eat up everything on sight and suddenly cause catastrophe of great magnitude.
The ants prepare itself for winter while he is still in summer.
The Lord has blessed the spider with everything it needs to succeed in life and it’s never afraid to position itself in conspicuous places in the palace.

Elaborating more about the spider; we need to learn couple of lessons from this wonderful creature which include:
-Your size doesn’t determine your potential, but your spirit does.
-No matter where you start, you can end up in the palace. Remember the stories of Joseph, Esther, Daniel and the three Hebrew boys.

Other message from the spider is: fight one more round and as long as you live, keep producing! You might not produce as much as somebody else because you were not endowed with the same level of skills and talents, but you’ve got to keep producing. Sometimes because of change in circumstances, you might not be able to produce what you used to, but keep producing all the same. Don’t get intimidated by what others are doing for you are only accountable for what God has given to you (Matthew 13:8).

It’s been said that the day you allow your mind to accept that you are retired, your mental capacity will start to shrink. Therefore keep your mind alert, your dreams alive and your body moving. In whatever situation you find yourself, keep producing!