“When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream” (Psalm 126:1)

Some words are best understood using their opposites and one of such is freedom. Its opposite is bondage or captivity. Anything under bondage is subject to the control of another entity and is restricted in all forms and shapes. Such thing is most likely going to be a photocopy of itself and unless there is an intervention by a greater power, it’s most likely to go extinct in a short while. Think of an eagle bird who escapes from a trap; the bird is free to soar to its maximum capacity without restriction.

Freedom therefore is the right to act, speak and think as you desire.

While I’ll attempt to commence this discourse here, no doubt this forum will not be adequate enough to bring it to conclusion. It’s generally assumed that the system of governance of each country in the world can either be a military or democratic one. The latter is preferred to the former because it’s presumed it encourages freedom of speech and rule of law.

Regrettably, even in a free (democratic) world, freedom is very costly and the right to act, speak and think as you desire is controlled by invisible personalities to the detriment of many. Your physical body demands freedom of its own to do those pleasurable stuffs and it’ll take personal discipline to bring it under control (I Cor 9:27). It’s only a forgetful Christian who is in the school of denial that will not remember that right from the garden of Eden, human race lost his freedom ; but thanks be to God for the emergence of the Second Adam (Jesus Christ) who paid up our bills in full in order to own us fully (John 3:16).

On the basis of redemption through His (Jesus Christ) shed blood, a believer can reconnect to his right to act, speak and think as you’re originally made (II Cor 10:6). No invincible power will be able to clip your wings neither silence you or restrain your thinking capacity in Jesus name. Your guaranteed permit to a life of freedom is a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.