“When the storm is over………good people aren’t fazed” (Prov 10:25).

God doesn’t lie to us and doesn’t pretend that we’re never going to have trouble and there won’t be attempts to suck life out of us. In fact He even uses the word ‘when’ not ‘if’: ‘when thou passes through the waters….. (Isa 43:2), ‘my brethren count it all joy when…. (James 1:2), ‘when the storm is over…. (Prov 10:25). These facts might be hard to swallow especially as we consider God as a loving one but that is the truth.
The good news is that in the midst of a storm, you can always locate a place of succour for your soul. The Bible says: ‘God’s name is a place of protection/ shelter…” (Prov 18:10). His name speaks of His character, His reliability and faithfulness. Anyone lacking His knowledge denies himself of this protection when storms come and that can be very terrifying as reliance on one’s strength will be inadequate to protect from turbulence in life. Strength in this context can mean anything and everything you own and boasts of outside Christ.
Wise people will rather surrender to the One who can secure what they cannot protect and trust Him to guarantee protection when time of storm comes (Psalm 46:1-5).
If God won’t lie about who He is (Jehovah El-gibbor), then He definitely isn’t going to hold back who He is (your safe place to hide) when you need Him (Prov 18:10).