‘…..offer it now to your governor; will he be pleased with thee, or accept thy person?…’ (Mal 1:8).

From the beginning, God has been the owner of all things and still retains that title even till this dispensation (Gen 1:1). No art of giving therefore can surprise Him; rather when you give your best to Him, you’re only displaying an expression of appreciation. God took a step further by giving His only begotten son (Jesus) to a wicked world in order to have back multitude of children from the kingdom of Satan (John 3:16).

Painful giving is bound to yield abundance of gains. Even the wicked world know this principle very well. Surprisingly the animal kingdom once upon a time put this spiritual principle into practice and it yielded the expected result. If you don’t believe me, read the book of Daniel chapter 6.

Give God the best part of the day, when you’re very fresh and alert, not when the body is worn out and ready to sleep. This demand extends to your useful life. When you have the strength and age on your side, serve Him.

Many procrastinate on their salvation, promising to do so when they have retired from secular employment, saying then will be time to serve the Lord. Why are you waiting to give Him the remnant of your life, and who told you that you will be old before you die?

When coming to God’s presence, appear before Him with a pure heart that is ready to give Him the best of praises, dancing steps, silver and gold. Do not be in the habit of giving God an “un-prepared” offering. No one goes into the presence of an earthly monarch unprepared. Humans beg first-class monarchs to accept their gifts as they (monarchs) are not obliged to take your gifts because they are self-sufficient. Therefore, let us learn from this that we need to give God the best of everything we have with a humble heart. Following this principle will open the door of increase into your life (Luke 6:38).