Dearly Beloved,

I share this testimony by express permission of the testifier. Be lifted in Jesus name


I share this testimony with you as a witness of God’s miraculous power of shattering negative medical reports and doing the seemingly impossible. Feel free to share with other waiting mothers and any one trusting God for one good thing or the other.

We had our baby dedication and thanksgiving yesterday and this was what we shared with God’s people.



We share our testimony today to the Glory of God and we pray that this testimony will multiply itself in our lives and in the lives of all hearers especially the waiting mothers in Jesus Name. Amen!!!

1. Prior to our marriage, God gave us a word in Malachi 2:15… “I seek a Godly seed!”
We received this word with so much expectation of what God desires of us and desire for us. We started praying about it.
2. We got married in October 2014. Immediately after our wedding the devil attacked. We started having strange dreams and attacks while sleeping. We confronted those attacks with prayers and fasting. Whenever we had a very strange dream, we will wake up and start praying. Sometimes we use our morning devotions for intense prayers to reverse the effect of negative dreams overnight. We pray with relevant scriptures. But the attacks continued and even seemed to be getting intense. We knew we had no option than to keep praying.
3. Around our first year anniversary, we went for consultations with different Gynecologists in different prominent hospitals in Lagos and several fertility tests and procedures were conducted. Tests like Hormonal profile, HSG etc were done.
i. The consultations fees were very expensive.
ii. The tests and fertility procedures are expensive.
iii. And some of these tests were humiliating and some painful. For example, after one of those procedures which we expected to result in pregnancy, my wife cried from the hospital complex to the bus stop on the main road without caring if anyone was even looking at her. Such was the psychological trauma.
iv. All the consultation and test fees were not covered by the HMO, so we had to pay out of pocket. It was financially draining.
4. The results of the tests were devastating:
i. Ovarian cyst
ii. The 2 fallopian tubes are blocked.
iii. Hydrosalpinx
Those conditions above are the ones we can vividly remember. Each of those conditions are enough to prevent conception on their own, not to talk of them together in one piece. The Doctors told us there is no chance for natural conception. But we can look at the option of IVF (In-Vitro fertilization).
• IVF is very expensive (Not covered by HMO).
• From our personal research and findings, IVF is 20% success rate. (Not minding the success rate that most hospitals brag about).
We were later to know that with the medical condition of Hydrosalpinx, we had less than 5% chance of getting pregnant by IVF. Hydrosalpinx is a condition of fallopian tubes being filled with fluid which will not allow for implantation anytime embryos are introduced into the uterus. The fluid usually flows into the uterus and prevents implantation. The only solution to this is to remove the fallopian tubes to increase your IVF chances.
5. We came back home, rejected the results, tipexed it and rewrote our own result changing every abnormal verdict to “normal’ and negatives to “positives”. We pasted it on our dressing table mirror so that we can see it every time.
i. We re-wrote our confession and we take morning and evening confessions.
ii. We started taking communion every day. We missed it a few times though.
iii. We anointed ourselves almost every day.
iv. We went ahead and bought our baby things. We bought almost all.
v. We bought maternity gowns in preparation for our miraculous conception.
vi. We got God’s waiting room (by Yewande Zacchaeus), and other books like You shall not be barren (by Bishop Oyedepo), Rescued from Destruction (by Mama Oyedepo), and You too can be fruitful (by Mama Abioye), read them and took confessions in them as applicable.
6. After nothing happened in the remainder of 2015 and throughout 2016, around mid-2017 we took a decision to go for IVF. There is this Professor of Medicine that came highly recommended He majors in fertility treatment and did his training abroad. The major challenge apart from the financial costs of the procedure was however the distance of his hospital to where we stay in Lagos. His hospital is 4 hours’ drive from Lagos, if there is no traffic. We had to be going there as if we were going to Lagos Island. We were going to see him for consultation and take dosages of drugs and injection packs back to Lagos. Sometimes we had to travel on short notice. After many injections pre, during, and after the IVF procedure, the IVF failed. We were very disappointed and very devastated. For this procedure, we spent well over a million naira in cash, not to talk of other implicit costs. I was in Lagos, my wife was there far away in the hospital, and we were just trying to encourage each other. Effort wasted. Money wasted. Hope dashed. I called Pastor (Moses Oyerinde) and told him what has just happened. He came straight to our house and encouraged me. We had a prayer/praise session. He also called my wife and encouraged her. Other people in the know encouraged us. I was personally asking God “why?” “What really is the problem?”
September 1st 2017 was a public holiday in Nigeria. I drove angrily from Lagos to the place, picked up my wife and headed back to Lagos. Because it was the first Friday of the month, it was the special Holy Ghost Service for mothers trusting God for the fruit of the womb. We landed in Redemption camp and believed God for a miraculous intervention in our case. Pastor Adeboye during his ministration said that day or month was his 50th Wedding Anniversary and God told him to ask for what he wants for his wedding anniversary. He said he asked God for 50,000 babies. We said Amen and claimed our babies. After the service we came back home and were comforted. Life continued as usual. Our confessions keeps changing. As God gives us new insights, we add it to our confession.
7. One spectacular experience we had was on December 27th 2017. Sometimes we listen to audio bible overnight. On that night I slept and in the dream a scripture was quoted to me. “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the heathen; I will be exalted in the earth.” I immediately woke up after this experience from the dream and as I began to meditate on that experience and that scripture and trying to figure out where it is in the scriptures because I don’t know that scripture reference off-hand, the audio bible just read out that same verse that same moment and moved on to Psalms 47. That was how I knew that that verse is in Psalm 46. (Psalms 46:10 precisely). I trembled! That was not a coincidence. God has spoken once, twice have I heard it… (Psalms 62:11).
I woke my wife up immediately and relayed the experience to her. We thank God for it and we believed Him to fulfil His promise. My wife had a similar experience around the same time.

From Proverbs 4:22, we know that the Word of God is medicine to the flesh and from our experience of the importance of timing in taking drugs and injections, my wife decided to be quoting the word of God as medicine every 9:00am and 9:00pm. She installed an app to remind her daily.

8. Early in 2018, we started tinkering with the idea of going for another IVF cycle. We were raising the money and doing research for a good hospital that can do it in Lagos. We didn’t want to go through the stress of travelling long distance again. We eventually got a good hospital in Lekki. After the initial contact with them in January, we went for a fertility information session (Ferti-inform) in late February. We saw the consultant after the session, and from our interaction with him, that week was the most appropriate time to start our procedure because the conditions seems right. They will have to run preliminary tests on the two of us and then give my wife an injection that will bring down all her body system and hormones, then they will start building it up again in preparing her body ready for the main procedure. But prior to that time, I had earlier informed Pastor of our decision to proceed for another IVF cycle. He told me not to proceed yet, but to please give God one additional month. If nothing happened in one month then you can go ahead. Personally I said no-way, we are going ahead. This is because if we don’t start it around that time, it will take a lot of medical efforts and injections to bring my wife’s hormonal cycle to a state where they can now start the process. (We had experienced that before in the first cycle). But my wife persuaded me to obey, “shey bi it is one month nah” in her own words. I reluctantly agreed. So we reverted to the consultant that we need more time to decide and we will come back to them. We did not know that a miracle has already taken place. Pastor’s instruction was on-time. On-time mercies!!!
9. After the March Special Holy Ghost Service, a man of God who stays in Ilesha came directly from the Camp to our house and told us that God said “I am ready for you now” and he gave us some instructions and left. My wife did not see her period February ending, March, then April… but we were not sure. She was already exhibiting some symptoms that was pointing to the fact that she might likely be pregnant, but we didn’t want to worry ourselves or be anxious. We decided to follow one of the key instructions we have received months earlier before the man of God from Ilesha came to confirm the same, even though he was not aware God has given us similar instruction before.
10. On May 1st 2018, we went to our hospital to principally run a pregnancy test. The wait for the result was like forever. Eventually the lab technician came and handed over the result to us. We unfolded it immediately and saw that it was positive. Our joys knew no bounds. My wife knelt face down and started praising God, I was practically jumping and saying “Thank You Jesus”. We didn’t care if anybody was looking at us. We left the hospital for a scan center down the road and we were told that my wife was already 3 months pregnant. I drove like a mad man from the hospital and scan center to our house. “The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad”. (Psalm 126:3).
i. The money that we would have used for the second IVF cycle, we seeded it to God. We would rather have God receive it than the doctors having it. God did it for free. No man can share in His glory.
ii. If the IVF has been successful, my wife would have needed to be taking injections every day for the first 3 months and one injection every week during the second trimester. This is because the pregnancy was not natural, therefore the body will not be able to produce the necessary hormones and conditions to support the pregnancy. This has to be introduced externally. The pain would have been unimaginable. But thank God for His unspeakable gift.

The period of the pregnancy was peaceful, no problems whatsoever. On the 7th of November, 2018, we held in our hands for the first time our bundle of joy… Fopefoluwa, Emmanuel, Miracle, Isaac, Irede, Gbadebo, Oluwadarasimi, Oyewole, Oluwabusayomi, Champion, Ife-Oluwa, Iretomiwa, Elijah, Moses, Akanbi, OYERINDE.

God is able to do just what He says He will do…
He’s gonna fulfil every promise to you…
Don’t give up on God cos He won’t give up on you…
He’s Able!!!

• We prophesied to the walls of our house that you will hear the cries of our babies… Today, it is hearing Fope’s voice on daily basis.
• We spoke to our street the word of God in Zechariah 8:5…”And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets thereof”, that our own children will be part of those children playing in our street… that we will carry them through this street in our car… Today, Fope has transverse our street a couple of times.

God is too faithful to fail. We share this testimony to the glory of His Name and we return all the glory and adoration to Him. To Him alone be all the glory. Amen!!!