“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns……” (Matthew 6:26)

There are moments when living a Christian life can be very challenging and demanding. The operating environment may be hostile to one’s belief system and the “offer” may be so juicy to reject, that when pushed to the wall, compromise will present itself as excuse. No man should ever claim to be strong at moments of test without the help of God (Psalm 127:1).

What will you do when a loved one dies or he suddenly develop terminal illness? Consider the emotion of someone losing the source of her daily livelihood in a tight economic climate, or the daily plight of an orphan with no ray of hope on sight. The loss of a love one can make one ask the question: “why me at this time”? Sufficient enough to shake a man’s heart is the consistent news of woes around the globe.

In moments of confusion, hopelessness and abandonment; a child of God has something going for him – the presence and help from above and not abroad (Psalm 121:1-2). Your Creator knows how to feed you; after all, He fed a whole nation of Israel in the wilderness for forty years with no lack. None of them needed a doctor, shoes, or clothes, they were all supernaturally provided for by God (Deut 7:15; Deut 8:4; Exo 15:16). Up till now, the birds in air do not sow nor harvest, yet none go to the nest hungry; rather their maker supernatural feed them.

God is still in active business of performing wonders in the life of His children. The following questions need to be addressed before He can take care of you:
-are you one of His children? (I John 3:10)
-cultivate the habit of walking in the Spirit and be ready to fully obey His instructions. Remember the story of the Zarephath woman and Prophet Elijah (I Kings 17:7-16).
-patience and endurance is non-negotiable when walking with God.
-never stop asking Him until the breakthrough is earned (Luke 18:1)