“So, Lot chose for himself……” (Genesis 13:11 – NIV)
We’re products of past choices – whether good or bad. Unfortunately, we’ve got to live with some of them while some can be remediated if the right corrections are employed. In Genesis chapter 13, we see the story of Abraham and Lot with choice making on display and the consequences of doing so outside God’s leading.
Lest we forget, Lot was Abraham’s nephew; so ordinarily, the senior is expected to make a go first; but in this case, Abraham pleaded with him to choose first in order to avert herdsmen conflicts. Lot was carried away by what his physical eyes can see and forgot to ask the God of Abraham to help him – he chose for himself the east side of Jordan (vs 11). The result of leaving God out of your choice can be enormous; for example, it can range from working hard with no result, deceitfulness of beauty/handsomeness, stunted spiritual growth, making it as by passing through fire experience, losing years of accumulated wealth to losing loved ones etc.
Immediately Lot parted way with Abraham, the Lord asked Abraham to look to the north and south, to the east and west; and all the land that he could see shall be given to his offspring forever (vs 14- 15). Remember that Lot made a choice to go to the east! God handed over to Abraham all things in the north and south, the east and west as far as his eyes can see. So, whatever Lot may claim to possess in the eastern part, has spiritually been willed to Abraham into the future by God.
God directs His children in many ways (Psalms 37:23) – through studying the Bible, hearing ‘still small voice’, divinely orchestrated contacts, Biblical teachings, in trance, dreams and visions etc. In all of these ways, you still need to subject them to Biblical validation because even the devil can manipulate any of them (II Cor 11:14).
If the choice is of God, originally it may not seem romantic, enticing and glamorous but if you stick to it, not only will it bring fulfilment, but peace and enlargement that endures shall be added to your life. In 2020, let God chose for you and stop jumping from pillar to post, stop choosing by yourself. He knows tomorrow and what’s cool for your life. He’s called the ALPHA AND OMEGA, meaning the beginning and the ending of all things including yourself.