“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”
(Phil 3:14).

As we temporarily conclude this series, it suffices to state that finishing the heavenly race with great accolade requires living a focused life. The world is always ready to substitute your vision with ephemeral ideas and most times these ideas come in, unassumingly. Great achievers stay focused on their goals to the extent that others call them fanatics.

Paul’s calling was his life’s obsession to the extent that one of the elitists of his time was so captivated by his defense of the gospel and commented that he (Paul) almost made him a Christian (Acts 26:28). The matter of heaven’s highest honor so much preoccupied Paul’s heart that every other issue paled into insignificance. No wonder he wrote to Timothy that he should fight the good fight of faith.

Brethren, so it is not enough to have faith, you have to fight to protect your faith otherwise you may be sidetracked from winning the laurel (I Tim 6:12). Sincerely issues like negative criticism, fear of unwholesome comments from friends have the tendency to dictate our next step that may make us drift from the focused goal. But always remind yourself of the need to keep coming back to the main goal.

Graduating with highest honor will demand that you be focused and this does not just happen, you must direct it as you direct the wheel of a car. You will need to have a sole focus – one thing. You must be ready to forget about past failures otherwise you are unlikely to move to your future breakthroughs.

We shall all end well and strong in Jesus name.