“……….as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are ye in mine hand….” (Jeremiah 18:6).
It’s obvious that everyone at one stage in life has broken plates, flasks, cups etc. ; and some can be called ‘the breaker’ because almost every breakable item they hold has the tendency to drop either out of too much of admiration or carelessness. The first instinct that comes to mind when things break is to get agitated, and lie about it. But whenever we are upfront about the incidence and just tell the truth; though your earthly parent may discipline you for the carelessness, but you’ll experience relief for telling the truth. Surprisingly they may overlook the incidence and even tell you not to worry about it but will fix it back.
The parallel we could see here is our relationship with God because many times we drop things in life, we mess up and things happen; but He’s got the power to fix it.
However, there are moments when we aren’t necessarily responsible for bad things that happen to us e.g. children born into life of poverty, or into dysfunctional relationships. When circumstances go out of control and there’s absolutely nothing we can really do about them, the only option left is to go the Bible. Jeremiah chapter18 speaks about the potter making a vessel but it was marred (broken, spoiled, and bad). The Potter just remade it by using the same clay and instrument. Our God is infinitely capable to remould your life because you are still a clay in His hands.
You may see yourself coming from a dysfunctional background with dysfunctional and deviant lifestyle, but when you’re in the hands of the Potter, it’s not a big deal for Him to fix you up. He’ll just remake you and you’ll come out a perfect excellence of His Majesty.
Beloved, it does not matter if we make bad things happen or if bad things happen to us; what matter most is that God “can fix it all” if we own up to Him (Matt 11:28)