‘When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.’ (Psalm 27:10).

Rejection can be damning, and has the tendency of leading to suicide especially when it comes from the side of loved ones and those you tend to repose confidence in. When Paul the Apostle attempted to share his new found faith with his old folks, he was rejected and was deeply hurt; it took God himself to encourage him (Acts 18:6, 9).
When people fail and reject you, it drives you into the arms of God. Many times you may hear words such as: you’re not good enough, sorry you’re not successful this time or we’ve found someone more suited for the role; even though you ticked all the boxes. At such moments, swallow this scriptural pill: “rejection by others, brings you intimately closer to your ordained destiny”.

Being rejected makes you lean on God like never before, because you have nowhere else to turn as a child of promise. When others reject you, God has a way of opening doors to new levels of blessing you’d otherwise miss. Most times, it is in the midst of fearsome trials that you develop strong spiritual development.
It was in the presence of David’s enemies that God set a table of blessings. Beloved, the honest truth is that: “without some pain and opposition, you would not get to sit at God’s table and enjoy His best”. No crown without a cross.