‘…that thou layest the burden of all this people upon me?’ (Numbers 11:11).

We’ve preached and heard so much on giving, but very little on receiving. Most Christians therefore live an unbalanced life and as well never reach their growth potential or accomplish God’s plan for their lives. Most often, somebody close to you has in his possession what you are in need of; but you are deprived of those things because you’ve never trained your mind to receive. I encourage you to move closer to your destiny helpers and draw water from their well.

Pride, timidity and fear of “what if” can be major impediments in the lives of people that stay away from receiving help even when sometimes they are offered. Moses accused God of laying the burden of a whole nation on him; but God replied him by saying, “I didn’t, you took it on yourself.” Thereafter God asked him to gather seventy elders, and he took of the Spirit of Moses and put upon them and shared the burden with him (Numbers 11:16-17).

Even if you have all the strengths and possessions to solve all problems (though no human being is in that position), still appreciate and welcome every little help and assistances that come your way from other sources. Such helps will add flavour and fragrance to your portfolio of inheritance. Move from the mentality of “I will do it myself” and embrace help from other sources.

As rich as David was, he was quick to understand that help from God is crucial for his ultimate success. He was not ashamed to cry out for help from God (in Psalm 121:1-2). God has made all things to be inter-related for the purpose of fulfilled lifestyle.