‘Both riches and honour come from You, and You rule over all……’ (I Chronicles 29:12).

The Almighty God in His infinite wisdom has made all things in abundance to take care of the works of His hands. This can be verified by a careful study of the book of Genesis. He meticulously created all things meant for livelihood before creating human-beings. Because He possesses all power, He can command something to come into existence from nothing. He demonstrated this in the wilderness in the story of Israelites’ journey to the Promised Land (John 6:31).

God does not need to breed cattle to feed multitude of souls, neither does He need to embark on fish farming or industrial bakery business to feed 5,000 souls. Provisions come through the words of His mouth (Psalm 50:10, Heb 11:3).

Unlike financial institutions (whether specialist or supermarket) that have target market with mission and vision statements and associated requirements before you can assess their products (which are limited in volume, size and shape); God’s bank (Inexhaustible Bank Plc.) comprise of many products, whose vault cannot run dry (agbonmagbe). He operates “take all you can” type of pantry that is open to all races, culture and tongues on 24/7. This bank cannot run down; rather it expects the entire world to patronise it (Matt 11:28).

Products such as salvation, peace, holiness, security, wealth, good health, excellence, godly and stable family life, godliness and contentment abound there.

To sign up as an eligible customer, all you need is to accept the son of the Chairman of the bank as your Lord (put your head under Him). Carefully tell him all about the debts/liabilities against your name, your bad credit rating record and ask Him to absorb them while He gives you a clean beginning under His name.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). When you reach your life’s “T” junction and confused where to turn, He’s your GPS. In a world of over-loaded and junk information, He’s your “turn-it-in”. And He is the giver of life while the prince of this world (the devil) aims at destroying you (John 10:10).