“… whereas I was blind, now I see” (John 9:25).

A detailed (step by step) information is achievable when someone has just passed through a situation. Such an information is regarded as first-hand and more reliable than a reported one because the latter has the tendency of been distorted or embellished (I John1:1)

Experience sharing comes with confidence and concrete evidences as means of support. In the 21st century, we are so much attached to evidences to substantiate facts; hence first-hand information is seen as more reliable than reported or third party reports. Mistakes and failures are most likely to be avoided when leveraging on advice from someone who has the road map to an uncharted territory.

Every human being is given birth in sin; we inherited the nature of sin hence it is so easy to remember sinful acts than the things of God (Psalm 51:5). Various attempts have been made by people to live morally and uprightly in order to reconcile with God, but unfortunately the gap and hollowness still exist in a man’s heart (Romans 7:24)

If the above paragraph describes your state, you are not alone! I have been there before. I once buried myself in religion, in obtaining more knowledge by reading philosophical books written by great legends of old, but the soul was still empty. Unfortunately alms giving, good works and other philanthropic work cannot address the ‘real issue’. Until the right approach is taken, wrong result will always be obtained.

On a day such as today many years ago, sunshine beamed upon my soul, the burden of sin was detached from me and a big load rolled to the feet of the cross at Calvary. All my sins were washed away, and my night was turned to day. I surrendered all to Jesus and He graciously forgave all my sins, cleansed me with His blood and conducted a fresh baby christening for me. My old nature and identity disappeared and a new name was given to me. I shouted FREE, FREE, FREE indeed!

At such a season as this, you can have the same experience and you shall be eternally grateful to the One who has made the provision of redemption available to the entire world – JESUS CHRIST (Matt 11:28 – 29).