” … let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth easily beset us…” (Heb 12:1).

Junk mails, junk journalism, junk life etc. Junks represent unwanted, unsolicited materials taking the place of useful things. Most times, junks generally have the propensity to distort the truth, make operations to be less effective and carry costs to get rid of. Writing to the Christians at Corinth, Apostle Paul says “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves.”

It’s easier to find fault in your neighbors’ lives than in your own, or talk about your accomplishment rather than what you still struggle with to overcome. The question is: are you slowing down, are you losing the steam/zeal/enthusiasm? What is your general outlook about life, Christianity and eternity with Christ?

Carelessness, conformity to the world, procrastination, a critical spirit, compromise and coldness to Godly things are some of the junks that build up and slows you down. They are some of the salient sins you must deal with in order to be everything God called you to be and enjoy the blessings He has in store for you.

The effort required to remove the junk is back-breaking and time-consuming, but there is no other way around it. The same manner a ship goes to the dock-yard for general cleaning from all junks, so you need to go to the Almighty who can see to the bottom of every junk and possesses the power to cleanse for a general cleansing (Matthew 11:28-29). There is no better time to clean yourself up than now!