‘Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh…’ (Jeremiah 32:27).

Today’s piece is to encourage someone who’s somehow ‘low’ in the spirit as a result of experiences from many disappointments, failures and discouragements you’ve had to deal with in life. Do you know that you are not the first neither the last to feel like this? Apart from examples in our contemporary time, couple of Bible characters also felt that way in their lifetime. What can we say about Elijah in (I Kings 19:4), or Jonah in (Jonah 4:8), or David in (I Sam 30:6)?

You may be running low on cash or the business climate is dull. Is your relationship going southward or the ministry is not growing as anticipated? As a student, are the grades not matching the enormous investments you’ve ploughed into your academic life? Or is it the challenging state of health of a loved one that is giving you concerns? These examples cited are not exhaustive as your case may not have been mentioned.

Sincerely living may be very un-encouraging at such moments and everyone and everything can be nauseating at these moments. The heart becomes depressed and suicidal thought starts to gain ground.

But just before you fertilise that thought, can you take a moment to recount: how many times God has let you down before; how many times He has heard and answered your prayers and the countless miracles He had performed in your life?

In the moment of Elijah’s hopelessness, God led him to the brook of Cherith and the widow of Zarephath. Jonah was spared from scorching heat and David did not only escape several assassination attempts on his life from the hands of King Saul but from all his foes.

The Almighty God is the owner of all flesh, and absolutely nothing is too tough or impossible with Him. Nothing takes Him by surprise. It is sure that after a long night period, morning light will appear (Psalm 30:5b). Beloved, your waiting period may seem long, but remember that God will not brake His covenant regarding you. Remember Sarah at the age of 90, she brought forth Isaac, Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist, and Hannah produced the greatest prophet in Israel – Samuel. History have it that “for every delayed promise, the eventual result from God is always outstanding, unique and uncommon”. Therefore, just before……….read Psalm 27:14.