“……until Christ be formed in you….” (Galatians 4:19)

Parents most often take for granted or assumed as normal, the developmental growth of their infant babies – the stage of crawling, mimicking others, taking the first step to walk and finally running are fun; yet the first 9 years of a child defines who that person will be in life as massive amounts of information has been assimilated for developing new skills in life.

When you become a born again child of God, it’s the start of a whole new life (II Cor 5:17) and it’s the time to learn and grow all over again so as to resemble your new status (II Cor 3:18). Parents of new born babies regularly feed them for sole purpose of growth, so also becoming Christlike is not instant but happens over constant, regular feeding and exercising. The food here is the Word of God and exercise is doing what the Word says.

Just like little baby, first start with the milk (I Peter 2:2) and you grow into eating solid food for maturity (Hebrews 5:14). Be careful not to remain a baby long after you have passed that stage; otherwise you end up been a child with need of regular assistance. Therefore, don’t be left behind but keep growing.