“So now give me this hill country…………..” (Joshua 14:12-13)

The issue of inheritance cannot be exhausted in a single piece such as this, but we trust the Holy Spirit to provide the missing pieces in our moment of reflection. Inheritance is a bequest, endowment, birthright or a legitimate possession. It’s the accumulation of something someone related or connected to the beneficiary has worked for but now generously giving out as a gift. The beneficiary don’t deserve it, but it’s a gift. Practise of inheritance cuts across all culture and ethnic stratifications and great importance is always placed on it to the extent that even the Bible lays credence to it.

The manner of laying request on your inheritance is so important that you may either possess or lose it. For example, if you lack knowledge of it, people will deny you of it. You need to be a rightful beneficiary before you can be considered for it. If you ask for it prematurely, you may not be alive to receive it and sometimes, you may need to be rightly connected with the “trustees” who will equitably allocate your share to you.

Caleb was well favoured to be among the 12 spies sent by Moses to Canaan land at the age of 40. He was privileged to hear about God’s unfailing covenant of bequeathing the land to Israel and he believed the Lord. Fast tracking forward, Israel truly got the land. Caleb waited for Joshua (the second spy with the good report of the land) to voluntarily allocate Hebron to him but this did not happen; and at age 85, Caleb reminded Joshua and laid demand on Hebron.

Things to note:
-Be sure you’re a legitimate beneficiary of the inheritance otherwise you may be regarded as a thief. John 14:6 provides the link to all inheritances.
-Make sure you’re prepared and ready (spirit, soul and body) before you think of taking the step. Remember the story of the prodigal son and Caleb in Luke 15:11-32 & Joshua 14:6-14 respectively.
-Educate yourself of the quantity and quality of the endowment at stake as some may not worth expending your energy on. (Hosea 4:16).
-Get acquainted with the trustee (s) to the inheritance.
-Be strategic in action. Watch the time, mood and season because you may have good intention but timing may be inappropriate and that may destroy a good ambition. But when everything lines up, even your adversaries will be the one fighting for the release of your inheritance.
Caleb fulfilled the above requirements and in Joshua 14:13, his leader voluntarily gave Hebron to him as an inheritance. As a born-again child of God, you have an inheritance in Jesus Christ but until you lay demand on it in a rightful manner, sadly you may not be eligible for it (Mathew 7:7-8).