‘…Why sit we here until we die?’ (II Kings 7:3).

Syrian armies besieged Samaria until there was nothing left for the locals to feed on. The situation was so critical that even the lepers at the outskirt of the city felt the crunch of the starvation. Because the lepers were already living a hopeless life, they felt that they had nothing to lose if they approach the camp of the Syrians (II Kings 7:4) so they took that “risk”. Sometimes, you may have to take a “risk” which is indirectly called a step of faith before your expected breakthrough will emerge. Remember that the bigger the miracle, the higher the expected risk may likely be.

The lepers entered the camp of Syria and found it empty, for the Lord had caused the Syrians to hear the noise of a great army (vs 6); so the lepers ate and drank and carried stuffs.

No soldier goes to war-front with silver, gold and clothing; but in this instance, the Lord turned the mentality of Syria armies around to do the unthinkable because of an intending miracle in the life of His children. You may be at your own challenging moment now, here are couple of lessons that may be helpful:

-Crisis becomes our friend when it drives us to take action. Until you have exhausted all available human options, you may not think of running to God for divine intervention.

-God will not come to our aid until we take the first step of faith. Doubt is the opposite of faith, but faith is the currency to purchase all heavenly commodities.

-Don’t keep God’s blessings to yourself. Rather share with your entire world. Be a blessing to your generation and be fruitful. Others need what God has given you and you must get it to them – on time.

-The Lord can purposefully reverse the thinking of your adversaries in order to bring about your final deliverance and breakthroughs.