“….…behold, there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcase of the lion” (Judges 14:8)
It’s been said that: ‘continual learning is essential for lifetime growth’ (Law of lifetime growth, D. Sullivan and C. Nomura, 2017). This statement is true in all facet of life; for you can have a great deal of experience in life and be no smarter for all the things you’ve done, seen and heard. Experience therefore is no guarantee of lifetime growth but if you cultivate the habit of transforming your hard-earned experiences into new lessons, you’ll make each day of your life a source of growth. Those who have breakthroughs in life are those who can transform even the smallest events, situations and ideas into attractive and marketable products.
How do you see the pains of today – killing, hurting, unpalatable and isolation? Or do you see a lesson to learn there? Do you go through it but don’t grow? Many participate in meetings, Conferences and Seminars designed to help them learn, then do nothing with what they’ve heard after closing the notebooks especially in a world full of information. Beloved, don’t get excited about been a Conference delegate; for you haven’t learned it until you’ve applied it!
A few days after slaying a lion, Samson returned to the scene of victory and discovered two things in the carcass: bees that sting and honey that tastes sweet and he took some (Judges 14:9). In life, you need to move beyond the pain and look for the honey! Look at all life as a school and every experience as a lesson, and your learning will always be greater than your experience.