“And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters….” (Matthew 19:29)
The difference in benefits derived from choosing an alternative is simply termed opportunity cost. Your anticipation is that you will not only derive maximum pleasure in your choice but use it to attract other benefits that seem elusive.
It’s a mere illusion on human side to pursue joy without its original owner (John 17:13) which many do and find themselves in state of doom. However if you desire Christ, you shall be guaranteed fullness of joy accompanied with other associated benefits.
Doing a comparison between the story of the “rich young ruler” and Apostle Peter’s speech in Luke 18: 18-23 & Luke 18: 28-29; the former loved the fairy-tale and stuffs of this world more than Christ while the latter chose to follow Christ and abandon every other things to follow Him. The rewarder gave a possible verdicts on both decisions – for those who hold other things higher in value than God, it’ll be hard for them to enter heaven while those who prefer to lose all for heaven’s sake will gain much more here and in heaven, life eternal.
It’s an exercise in futility to hold on to something you cannot secure when you have the opportunity of protecting the item with the Almighty God (Psalm 27:1-14). Jesus Christ left His throne of glory with all its dignity and splendour to die for sinners so as to have many children reconciled to the Almighty God and same thing was typified in the history of Paul the Apostle (Phil 3:7-8). Everything you need for life and godliness is found in Christ (II Peter 1:3), the world system cannot give you permanent peace and joy; therefore take a jump to Christ’s offer and you will immediately discover that what you think you have lost, have actually been gained and secured in Christ for you.