“…………And who knows if perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14).
God is a prudent investor who expects reward from His investment; so when He positions a man somewhere, it’s for a purpose. Esther and David episodes accurately suggest that they were set up early in life for future encounters that will announce them to their world with ultimate glory to their Creator (Esther 2:8; I Samuel 17:36).These characters have couple of lessons for those who want to be used by God:
-Among other deadly and dangerous animals clinically handled by David was a bear and a lion at the back of the bush where no one was there to witness the feat except God. Esther also entered the beauty contest with minimal beauty provisions but with natural beauty. Useful vessels are not only divinely endowed, but formed in the secret and moments when no one pays attention to them.
-Sometimes God will bye-pass a stubborn leader and use her subordinate. Saul was occupying the position of a King, but David was the Commandant that removed Goliath’s head at the war front. Esther became the Queen and Vashti was dethroned. Current and potential leaders need to understand the place of divine favour and finger of God in their positions (Psalm 75:7).
-The duo permitted the Potter to break and remould them into His desired object for a season of public display (Jere 18:6).
-They waited for their appointed seasons. I suggest to you that if they’ve struggled to come out before their seasons, it’s possible that their destinies would have been wasted. Many promising children of God had fallen into this trap, therefore learn to be patient and wait for your season (Eccl 3:1).
-Both characters lived up to their calling when duties called. David finished Goliath’s reign of terror over Israel while Esther took over from the ex-Queen. Remember always the reason (s) why you’re existing and occupying that role. Could it be to prepare you for a bigger assignment, to wrest authority and control from a tyrant, or to be a light to those wallowing in darkness? YOU ARE MADE FOR NOW!
-The One who made, sustained and orchestrated their emergence at the world stage received the ultimate praise (Rev 4:11).
Permit me to remind you that God’s hands brought you thus far for a reason; it’ll be disastrous to disconnect from your source. When duty called on David, he didn’t disappoint; also Esther clinched the position at stake. You’ve been loaded with all it takes to stand and show up for HIM.