“And there arose a great storm of wind……….” (Mark 4:37).
The disciples chose the position of wisdom by providing a space for Jesus Christ in the same boat they all gathered, and not in other boats that escorted Him. In the episode in Mark 4:35-39, the wind and storm rose against the boat that was accommodating the Master and not other boats escorting Him. In the olden days (and to some extent today), boats are major mode of transportation and if it capsizes, the result will be catastrophic. Following are lessons for us to learn:
-The boat represents the carrier of your destiny – the divine grace given to you by the Almighty to fulfil a purpose in life. It is different from skills because you can learn and develop skills. No one can kill your destiny except yourself. The stories of Joseph, Saul, Samson and others are sufficient examples in this respect. When you’re destined for something in life and you work in partnership with God, (though the fulfilment may drag because of other factors), you will surely get there (Hab 2:3).
-The disciples were wise to provide a space for Jesus Christ in the same boat. Most times, storms and wind of life don’t give notice when they will visit someone; therefore, ensure that you have “life-saving gadgets” with you always (Psalm 50:15).
-The devil has no respect for anyone; as he was aware that the Son of God was in that boat but still attempted to sink it. He did so in an attempt to stop the miracle of the mad man of Gadarene and what God wants to use his life for after his healing. As a child of God, be prepared for attacks against the fulfilment of your destiny.
-Everything in life is backed up by a spirit and they hear and respond to spiritual instruction(s) – Heb 11:3.But you cannot spoil the gains of a strongman without first binding him (Mk 3:27) using your spiritual weapons (II Cor 10:4).
-Even though Jesus Christ was in the same boat with His disciples when their boat was sinking, they called on Him for help. Beloved, at one point in your life you will need to “shout with a loud voice” to Him for help (Romans 10:13).
-Finally, the beauty of it all is that: when Christ made Himself known in the scene, the boisterous wind and roaring sea became calm because all power in heaven and earth has been given unto Him (Phil 2:9-10).