‘After six days, Jesus took Peter, James and John into a high mountain apart…’ (Matt 17:1).
Mountain represents obstacles, difficulties, challenges and barriers; but mountain – top can equally be a good scenery place and perfect point to launch devastating attack on foes and much more a place of meeting with the Lord like men of old did. From the event in Matthew 17:1, it became evident that:

-Not everyone gets to the apex of the mountain. Every year, multitude attempt to conquer Mt Everest, but very few get to the top. Jesus picked only 3 of His disciples and He knew better why He picked them. God loves us all but doesn’t give us all the same assignment or experiences. He ultimately makes the call, not us, so trust His judgement.

-I have also discovered that those who go up the mountain are not necessarily the smartest. What will you say about the expression of Peter after the transfiguration experience (Matt 17:4)? Though one may commend him for been sincere, but he was sincerely wrong. Therefore Beloved, never build your ministry around experience; for they only happen to help you build up your personal relationship with the Lord.

-God’s intention for the trio on that mountain experience was to feature Jesus; and same with you. You will notice that when all “dust were settled”, Elijah and Moses disappeared leaving Jesus glorified (Matthew 17:5-8). Let it be about Him (i.e. Jesus) and Him alone. That is the biggest problem we have in the Christendom today